4 Things You Need To Know About Southern House Spiders

There are many types of spiders that live in and around human settlements, though some are more alarming than others. Some types of spiders are poisonous, while others are just big and scary looking. Southern house spiders, also called crevice weavers, fall into the latter category. Here's what you need to know about them.

What do they look like?

Southern house spiders are very large spiders, with leg-spans of up to 2 inches across. Males and females look quite different, and to the untrained eye, look like totally different species. The females are either dark brown or black with large bodies and short, stocky legs, while the males are light brown with small bodies and long, skinny legs. The females tend to stay hidden, so the males will probably be the ones that you see crawling around inside your house.

What are they doing inside your house?

As their name suggests, southern house spiders are indoor spiders, and have adapted to life inside people's homes. Unlike other types of spiders, which are meant to live outdoors and only come into people's houses to look for food, these spiders live their entire lives indoors, from the time they are hatched to the time they die. 

Where are they hiding?

Southern house spiders need to stay out of sight to avoid humans, so they squeeze into tiny cracks or crevices where you can't find them. They're able to get into tiny gaps like the cracks between your floorboards or the gaps between your floors and your baseboards. The females catch food with webs, so they may live their entire lives in these cracks and completely avoid detection. The males don't use webs, so they need to roam around your house looking for bugs to eat. You may see them crawling across your floors or walls.

Will they bite you?

Southern house spiders are shy spiders and would prefer to hide from you, not bite you. If you annoy them, for example, by trying to pick one up or by sticking your hand into the crevice they call home, they will bite in self-defense. Bites from these spiders can be painful, but you won't suffer any lasting effects.

Southern house spiders are large, scary looking spiders, but fortunately, looks are deceiving in this case. These spiders won't hurt you, but if you want to get rid of them, enlist the help of a pest control company to treat your entire house. To learn more about pest control, contact a business like Select Pest Control.