3 Bed Bug Falsehoods

Bed bugs can be notorious little pests to get rid of from your home. They are difficult to spot, difficult to get rid of, and difficult to live with! However, while there are many truths about bed bugs that can be said, there are just as many myths that have cropped up, as well. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn about just a few common bed bug falsehoods that deserve debunking.

If You Notice Bite Marks, You Have Bed Bugs

This is not always the case. Bites can be a sign of any number of different pests that have made their way into your home. You may not notice that you have been bitten by a bed bug until hours after the fact. Typically speaking, a bed bug bite is a slightly raised, inflamed area with a bright reddish tint to it. Bed bugs tend to bite in clusters, which means you may find several bite marks in the same area of your body.

You Absolutely Have To Get Rid Of Your Clothes and Furniture After a Bed Bug Infestation

Although many people propound this myth, there is little truth in it. It should be first noted that you do not have to get rid of your clothes. Not a single item. Simply wash your clothes and make sure that they are adequately dried in a dryer. Although bed bugs are attracted to heat, the extreme heat generated by a dryer is something that they will not be able to survive. Your furniture should also be salvageable. Furniture that has fabric pieces in it should be subjected to a steam cleaner. Since bed bugs are particularly susceptible to heat, steam cleaning fabric furniture is a great way to rid these pieces of furniture of bed bugs and their eggs.

Bed Bugs Can't Be Found In Clean Homes

It is a common falsehood that bed bugs can only be found in dirty homes. Unlike other pests, like roaches and rats, bed bugs don't rely on filthy conditions to thrive. Bed bugs can survive in all levels of cleanliness. However, it must be said that areas that are cluttered are definitely places where bed bugs can thrive. They enjoy small, cramped, and dark spaces – which is why they will often lay eggs in the deep recesses of your furniture – so make sure that your home is free of clutter on your floor.

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