How To Successfully Get Rid Of Mice

You can find mousetraps at home-improvement and variety stores, but buying a trap is not a guarantee that you will catch a mouse. You need to know how to properly place your mousetraps so that you can catch your rodent intruders. For the best results, consider the following:


Mice have a very small territory, which consists of the distance between their nesting place and their source of food. If you place a trap outside of this area, you will not likely catch your mouse. Thus, you should only place traps where you have seen mice or signs of mice, such as their droppings. 


Mice do not like to move around in the open. Instead, they content themselves with scuttling along baseboards and under furniture. If you place a trap along a baseboard but point the opening to the trap away from the wall, you may miss your chance to catch the mouse. Thus, make sure the opening to the trap is oriented toward the baseboard. 


Mice are clever animals, and they may learn how to avoid one type of trap. Thus, you should consider purchasing a variety of traps and placing them in the territory of your mouse infestation. Even a clever mouse will not be able to figure out every trap.


If you find mice droppings around a certain type of food, then that is exactly the type of food that you should use in your traps. If you are not so lucky, then you should should use mouse-approved favorites such as cheese or peanut butter. Even if you have the right bait, you may still struggle to catch mice if the bait is not firmly attached to your trap. Using a hot glue gun to stick the bait to your trap will make it more difficult for mice to steal bait from the trap without setting it off. 

When you set out to catch mice in your home, you need to remember that your prey is clever and crafty, so you need to be just as clever and crafty. Take the time to understand your prey before you just start to set traps out willy nilly around your home. If you are squeamish about killing mice in your home, then consider using live-capture traps that will allow you to contain and then relocate your mice. Just remember, no matter how cute living with mice may appear in the fairy-tale record, mice are not sanitary creatures. Therefore, if you find that you have mice in your home, take immediate steps to get rid of them