Use These Strategies To Prevent Damage Caused By Birds

Birds that live in the trees around your yard can provide you with a pleasant soundtrack, but it's also possible that they pose a hassle in a variety of ways. While birds aren't typically seen as pests in the traditional sense, the fact remains that they can damage your home and cost your time and money. If you've got a severe bird problem, you should think about hiring a pest control service to help you. If you haven't yet reached the point of needing assistance, there are a handful of strategies you can use to encourage the birds to relocate to a different yard. Here are some ideas.

Cover Your Gutters

One of the ways that birds can cause damage around your home is by building nests in your gutters, which prevents the water from escaping properly. Fortunately, covering your gutters with screens is an effective way to eliminate this problem. Although you might wish to have a gutter contractor perform this job for you, given the high location of your gutters, screens will prevent any birds from causing damage in this manner.

Use Mock Predators

A simple way to discourage birds from making their nests around your property is to use trick them into thinking predators are in the area. The owl is a natural predator to many birds, so hanging a large, plastic owl from a tree, off the underside of a second-floor deck or anywhere else that it can hang freely is ideal. The breeze will gently move the owl, giving it a lifelike appearance to the average bird.

Keep Your Trees Trimmed

Trimming the trees around your yard can prevent birds from making their nests in your yard and causing trouble. Generally, birds favor trees that provide protection when it's time to build a nest. The thicker a tree's foliage, the more appealing it is to birds. By thinning out the trees in your yard, they'll become less appealing to the neighborhood's birds because they don't provide the same degree of protection as overgrown trees.

Replace Your Dryer Vent Cover

Over time, dryer vent covers can become brittle due to the elements and lose their efficacy. The concern with this issue is that a bird might then be able to enter your home through the vent and either block the vents in the walls between the dryer and the exit point or even make it all the way to your dryer. Check your dryer vent and, if it's damaged, buy a replacement vent cover at your local home supply store and mount it according to the instructions.

If none of these measures seem to be working, contact a company like All Seasons Pest Control for professional assistance.