3 Ways That A Wildlife Removal Service Can Humanely Remove Wild Animals

One of the biggest concerns that many people have when they see wild animals wandering in or near their property is how they can remove those animals before they can cause damage to their home, harm their pets, or attack their families. However, it is very important to make sure that you consider a residential wildlife removal service that will utilize humane methods that will protect your home and family while also avoiding the needless killing of an animal. Listed below are three ways that these services can humanely deal with wild animals in your area.

Catch And Release

The biggest reason that residential wildlife removal services are a humane option is that most of them will not actually kill the wildlife. In most cases, the service will be strictly a catch and release setup.

This means that once the service has captured a wild animal, they will relocate it to a suitable habitat that is not near your home. In addition, the service will make sure to reunite the wild animal and offspring before relocating them if they catch a young animal or an adult that shows signs of having recently given birth. 

No Poisons

A major way that wildlife removal services can deal with wild animals humanely is by avoiding the use of poisons entirely. In most cases, the wildlife removal service will only use traps that utilize bait and one-way doors to trap the animal until the service can pick up the animal and remove it from your property. In addition to keeping the animal alive, the lack of poison can also minimize the risk to your children or pets since no potentially harmful chemicals were used.

Animal Proofing

Finally, a residential wildlife removal service can help you avoid a recurrence of your wildlife issue by helping to animal-proof your property. One way in which they will accomplish this is by utilizing repellents around the property that are specifically designed for the species of animal invading your property. For example, there are repellents that are designed to specifically repel deer in order to prevent them from feeding on your plants. 

In addition, the wildlife removal service will help you identify and seal off entry points that the wildlife was using to get into your home or property. This can include installing grates in your chimney or making repairs to a hole in your fence.

Contact a residential wildlife removal service, like Molter Termite and Pest Control, today in order to discuss the many ways in which they can help you humanely relocate wild animals that are on your property. These services will be able to deal with the wildlife by catching and relocating the animals, avoiding the use of poisons, and providing animal proofing for your property.