Questions To Ask When Hiring A Humane Wildlife Removal Company

If you have a critter, such as a racoon, squirrel, snake or bat, that has made your home their home, you will want to evict them. However, many wildlife removal companies will use traps, baits or other removal techniques that can result in the death of the animal. If you are looking to rid the pest from your home, but not kill it, you will want to use a humane wildlife removal company. When looking to hire one of these companies, it is important to understand that not all companies are the same. Here are some questions to ask when you are looking to hire one.

Will You Check for Offspring?

When you are looking to hire a humane wildlife removal company, you will want to ask the company if they look for offspring in and around your home. It is not uncommon for a mother to wander into your home while searching for food. Unfortunately, if the mother gets stuck in your home, those babies can die. Some humane wildlife removal companies can look at the animal trapped and see if she is a nursing mother and/or look for offspring around the area near your home to ensure those babies do not lose their mother.

Do You Relocate the Wildlife?

Another important question to ask a humane wildlife removal company is what they do with the animal once they remove it from your home. Many companies relocate wildlife. Unfortunately, up to 95 percent of relocated animals die. This is because they are in unfamiliar territory where they don't know where food, water or predators are. In most cases, removing the pest from your home back into the environment they came from and sealing off access points that allowed them to enter your home is a better option.

How Do You Get Around Trap and Kill Laws?

In some states, such as Virginia and Maryland, wildlife that is trapped in residential areas must be killed. As such, you need to ask a humane wildlife removal company how they get around this if you do not want the animal killed. Using one way doors or using loud noises and deterrents that scare the animal out of your house are a couple of ways to get around these laws. Asking will help you know what to expect and how the animal will be removed without being trapped.

No one wants to have a wild animal running around their home. However, if you feel the animal should not be killed just because it made the mistake of making your home theirs, you will want to look for a humane wildlife removal company to remove the animal. Asking the right questions will help you find a company that has the experience and skill set to safely remove these pests from your home without causing them any harm.

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