Summer Brings Pests: Get Rid Of Mosquitoes And Ants The Natural Way

Summer is officially in full swing and while you are enjoying your iced tea and long nights, there are a few things that are bothering you: insects. Yes, insects love to come out of hiding during the summer time. They invade your home looking for a cool spot and lots of water. Don't be dismayed, but don't kill them either. There are several things you can use right in your kitchen that will help repel these insects, keeping them away from your home and out of your life.

Garlic And Lemon Juice

One of the most annoying visitors you get during the summer time are mosquitoes. They take over your house in hopes of finding standing water, so if you have a pool, you are sure to find them everywhere. Nature's natural repellents to these flying insects are garlic and lemon juice.

Mix two tablespoons of finely chopped garlic and two tablespoons of lemon juice together in eight ounces of water. Next, cut an old towel or shirt into various long pieces. Soak the pieces of material in the solution and hang them around your patio area and doors. If you want a little added protection for you or your children, you can mix these ingredients together in a spray bottle and spray yourselves down before you go outside for the day.

Cucumber And Mint Oil

Ants invade your home like it's D-Day during the summer. Luckily, it's easier for you to repel them than it is for them to gain access to your home. Ants hate the smell of cucumbers and mint. These two scents mixed together will keep them at bay for days.

Take four cucumbers and peel them. Place them in a bowl of water with anywhere from thirty to forty drops of mint oil. You want to be sure that the mint is potent enough. Let the ingredients soak in the water for about three hours then pour the water into a spray bottle. Spray the solution around the outside perimeter of your home. Pay special attention to any cracks that ants can easily access.

For added protection, you can place the cucumber peels around the outside of your doors and windows. One of the best things about this solution is that while the ants hate the smell, it will actually make your home smell nice and fresh.

Summer brings about all sorts of insects that are looking a cool place to rest from the heat. By using one of the simple solutions listed above you can keep these pests at bay and get back to enjoying your summer. To learn more, contact a pest control company like Rainbow Pest Control.