Three Worst Bed Bug Control Mistakes To Avoid

When you're desperate to get rid of the bed bugs that are feeding on you every night, you may make bed bug control mistakes that could make the infestation worse or lead to more serious problems. Here are three of the worst bed bug control mistakes that you shouldn't make.

Using bug bombs

Home insect foggers, also called bug bombs, can be an effective way to deal with flying insects, but they're not useful against bed bugs. Bed bugs don't remain in the open like flying pests do; they hide in places like the seams of your mattress or the back of your headboard. It's hard for bug bombs to reach these hidden areas.

Worse, bug bombs can have a repellent effect. When you release a bug bomb in your bed bug infested bedroom, the bed bugs will scatter instead of being killed. This is a major mistake because you could force the bed bugs to move into the other rooms of your house. Having your entire home treated by an exterminator will be a lot more expensive than only having your bedroom treated, so this is a costly mistake!

Throwing out infested items

Throwing out infested items may seem like an easy, fast way to get rid of your bed bugs, but it's another serious mistake that can spread the infestation. If the infestation is still confined to your bedroom, dragging your mattress, bedding and other bedroom furniture out to the curb could spread the bugs to other rooms of your home. It's best to leave the infested items in place to avoid making the problem worse.

Another issue with simply throwing out the items is that someone could bring home the seemingly-useful furniture you've left at the curb. This is a serious problem because not only have you made your own infestation worse, but you've given it to someone else.

Using D.I.Y. heat treatments

Bed bugs die fairly quickly when they're exposed to high temperatures. At temperatures of 46°C (110°F), adult bed bugs only survive for about 20 minutes, while the eggs can last for about an hour. While responsible pest controllers can safely heat your entire home to these temperatures with the right equipment, attempting a D.I.Y. treatment is very dangerous.

There have been many disastrous cases of people accidentally burning down their own homes after attempting D.I.Y. heat treatments. Resist the temptation to try to heat-treat items in your oven or heat-treat your entire home with heaters and leave heat treatment to the professionals.

If your home is infested with bed bugs, avoid making any of these serious control mistakes and contact local pest control professionals.