Tips For Fighting Bed Bugs On Your Own

When you discover you have bed bugs, the first thing you have to do is decide if you're going to call in a professional pest control company or try to kill the bugs yourself. A professional has commercial grade heating units or dry ice canisters to kill the bugs with extreme temperatures quickly and easily. However, if you can't afford to hire a pro, here are a few things you can do on your own to battle the bugs.

Clean Up Hiding Places

Bed bugs can hide anywhere, but don't make it easy for them by having a lot of clutter in your bedroom. To get control of your bed bug problem quickly, pack up seasonal clothing, extra bedding, stuffed animals, magazines, and other items in your room. Put them in big trash bags and seal them shut so the bugs inside can't crawl out. Only leave out the things you use on a daily basis such as a clock radio, computer, and a few sets of clothing.

Examine the clothing you leave out for bugs hiding in seams and under collars. If they are infested with bugs, wash them in hot water or run them through a hot dryer to kill the bugs. The bed bugs can live a long time inside the plastic bags, so don't open them inside your room once you think the bugs are under control. Instead, take the bags outside one at a time and examine everything you take out to make sure they are free of bugs before you bring them inside.

Make Your Bed A Safe Zone

Plan to spend a lot of time working on your bed. Vacuum the carpet or floor underneath it with slow strokes being sure not to miss any spots. Use the wand to vacuum your bed frame and seams of the mattress. Wrap your mattress in a cover made to trap bed bugs so the ones in your mattress won't be able to get out at night. Create a barrier around your bed that keeps the bugs from crawling up the frame from the floor. You can use double-sided carpet tape or a thick layer of petroleum jelly around the legs of your bed so the bugs can't crawl up them. Don't forget to keep your sheets and blankets from touching the floor during the day and particularly as you sleep at night.

Attack The Bugs

It's not the best idea to buy over-the-counter pesticides to use in your bedroom. You'll need professional strength chemicals to kill bed bugs, but you probably don't want to use them in your sleeping area anyway. Instead, you can attack the bugs by vacuuming them up, killing them with a steam wand, and by using pesticide-grade diatomaceous earth. All of these methods get rid of the bugs, but the bugs have to come in direct contact for them to work. Since the bugs hide during the day, you may want to sit up at night and watch for them to come out so you can go on the attack. The adult bugs are easy to see and kill, however, the babies are so tiny they are nearly invisible. Also, keep in mind there will be eggs that hatch out later on, so don't let down your guard just because you don't get bites for a few nights in a row.

If your infestation isn't too bad, and you're willing to put up with bites while you battle the war on the bugs for a few weeks, you might be able to get rid of them yourself. If you have more questions or if you'd rather hire a professional who can eradicate the bugs, check out