Removing Mice From Your Garden Shed

If you have a wood shed on your property, and you have noticed signs that mice have been inside, such as the presence of droppings or gnaw marks, you will want to take the needed steps in getting them out of the enclosure for good. Leaving a mouse problem in your shed can lead to an infestation of bacteria-ridden rodents, putting people in your home at risk for disease. Here are some steps you can take to eliminate mice from your shed for good.

Plug Up Holes On The Exterior Of The Building

Before you can effectively remove mice from the interior of your shed, it is important to plug up all areas they are using to get inside. Do a complete evaluation of the exterior of the building. Anywhere a crack or hole is noticed, add some caulk to fill it in so it can no longer be used as an entryway to the inside. Larger holes can be stuffed with pieces of steel wool to block the passageway. Add a piece of flashing over the wool to seal the shed's walls from intruders. If the shed is in poor condition, riddled with many holes, a contractor should be called to help with reconstruction of the walls to successfully keep mice from getting inside.

Set Up Traps To Collect Mice That Remain Inside

Most people will turn to mouse traps to help reduce the numbers of mice in an enclosure. There are several types on the market including snapping traps, glue traps, and bait traps. Those who do not want to kill mice can use humane cube mouse traps to relocate mice to another area after capturing them. Regardless of the method being used, the traps will need to be checked daily to remove carcasses or contained mice from the shed.

Remove Attractions And Use Deterrents For Continued Mouse Control

To help keep mice from going into a shed, remove any items inside they may be using as a food or water source. It is important not to store human or pet food in your shed as this will attract both rodents and insects. Large bags of grass seed or mulch may become the victim of nibbling to see what is inside. Placing bags inside of a plastic storage container will help keep your items safe. If the shed leaks water during inclement weather, make the necessary repairs so mice do not have a water source available on the inside.

Purchase a fake owl from a garden supply store to help keep mice from getting too close to your shed. It can be positioned in the immediate area of the shed so mice think it is patrolling the area, ready to make them their next snack. Consider moving the decoy around to other areas of the yard every few days so mice do not become accustomed to its presence in one area. If you have a cat in the home, consider allowing it to walk through your shed to look for stragglers as well.

For more information, contact a pest control company in your area.