Got Swarms Of Bees In Your Yard? Make Sure It Is Not The Africanized Bees

Not all bees are harmful and they are great for the environment. In fact, we could not live without them. Still, there are some bees that are harmful to you and that is the Africanized bees. If you have a lot of bees in your yard, you need to make sure this is not the type of bees you have. Below is some information this type of bee, as well as how it is removed.

Africanized Bees

Africanized bees, also known as killer bees, are said to be invasive depending on where you live. In many cases, their stings can cause a person to become very sick or even kill them. A sting of one Africanized bee is like the sting of a regular honeybee, but the reason why Africanized bees are so deadly is because they sting in great numbers. If their location is disturbed in any way, colonies of bees will swarm out and chase the predator. This disturbance could be from people, animals, or even noise, such as from nearby traffic.

African bees can fly very fast and once they reach you, it will be like you are covered in bees when they start attacking, and they will often will sting you in your face, eyes, and mouth.

Unfortunately, Africanized bees look like a standard bee so it can be hard to tell them apart. The only way is by the way they act. For example, honey bees are only interested in collecting pollen. If you notice the bees are very aggressive or see them in much larger numbers, then you probably have this kind.

Africanized Bee Removal

If you find one of their bee hives, never try to attempt to remove it yourself. It is important that you contact a pest control company right away. They have the means to safely remove and dispose of it. They will wear special equipment so they cannot be stung.

This type of bee also burrows in the ground, so the pest control company will look in different areas when they start flying around. If they see an area where the bees come out of the ground, they will spray a special insecticide on the ground to kill them.

Africanized bees can also be found inside your home, such as your attic, inside your walls, or your basement. The pest control company will check these places also.

Your pest control company can give you even more information about these bees so you can keep you and your family safe. Contact a bee exterminator to learn more.