More Than Energy Savings: 4 Reasons To Improve Your Home With Crawl Space Encapsulation Systems

If your home has a crawl space foundation which causes cold drafts in winter, or warm air leaks in summer, then encapsulation is an improvement that you should consider. There are other reasons why you will want to consider encapsulating your crawl space, such as keeping pests out or preventing moisture problems and musty odors. Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in crawl space encapsulation to protect your home:

1. Protect Your Home from Pest Damage by Sealing the Crawl Space and Adding Screens

The crawl space of your home is vulnerable to pests that can cause damage to the structure and mechanical systems. To protect your home from pests that find their way in, keep them out with encapsulation, which should also include good exterior doors for the entry and screens that cover vents.

2. Stop the Problems with Condensation by Adding Gravel and Encapsulation to Seal Dirt Floors

One of the biggest problems with crawlspaces is condensation and moisture that gets in and can cause musty smells and damage. First, the floors of your crawl space can be covered with gravel or concrete to allow drainage for moisture. The encapsulation will also include covering the ground to create a moisture barrier to prevent moisture from getting in and causing problems beneath your home.

3. Prevent Air Leaks and Drafts with Encapsulation That Seals Off the Floor System

Crawl space foundations are also a source of air leaks that cause energy loss and higher utility bills. The encapsulation of your crawl space includes sealing off the floor system from the crawl space to prevent outside air from getting into your home via the crawl space. This will also help to keep pests out of your home that get in through the cracks of floor systems and mechanical installations located in the crawl space.

4. Stop Water Problems and Energy Loss by Sealing the Foundation Walls with Encapsulation

Water problems often start in the crawl space of your home, and encapsulation is a great way to prevent them. The encapsulation includes sealing the foundation walls to prevent penetration of groundwater and condensation from forming on concrete or block walls.

These are some of the reasons for you to consider crawl space encapsulation to improve your home. If you want to put a stop to the problems coming from your foundation, contact a crawl space encapsulation service to protect against pests, moisture and energy loss due to air leaks.