How To Tell If You Need An Exterminator

If you feel like you have a few bugs in your home, then you may just want to get rid of them on your own. Sometimes, though, you need more than just some bug spray that you bought at the home improvement store. Luckily, professional exterminators should be able to come out to your house and get whatever pest-control problem that you have under control. So, how can you tell if you need an exterminator.

What To Do If You Discover Bed Bugs In Your Home

Dealing with bedbugs can be an awful thing, especially because they tend to bite and leave little marks all over you while you sleep. Therefore, the moment you realize that you have a bedbug problem on your hands is the moment that you want to spring into action in order to get rid of them quickly. There is not a one step solution to this problem, so you will want to take some time to read through the following tips.

Fire Ant Infestations: Dealing With Them in the House

When you think of fire ants, you probably think of the large mounds outside in the sand. While fire ants are known for this, what most people don’t realize is that they can also infest houses. If you’ve been seeing ants inside that resemble fire ants, that may be what you have. Here’s a look at what you need to know about fire ant infestations in your home. When Are Fire Ants Likely to Come Inside?

6 Ways To Keep Pests Out Of The Office

Whether you are dealing with flies or ants, pests in the office can definitely distract you from your duties. When you are trying to send an email or finish up a report, all you can think about is that creepy crawler on your desk. The good news is that you can keep these critters away. Here are six effective ways to keep pests out of the office: Keep an Eye on Indoor Plants

Got Swarms Of Bees In Your Yard? Make Sure It Is Not The Africanized Bees

Not all bees are harmful and they are great for the environment. In fact, we could not live without them. Still, there are some bees that are harmful to you and that is the Africanized bees. If you have a lot of bees in your yard, you need to make sure this is not the type of bees you have. Below is some information this type of bee, as well as how it is removed.

Natural Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Property

If you would like to try to keep as many mosquitoes away from your property as possible, you will want to make use of the following tips. Remove All Standing Water Mosquitoes love standing water so you will want to make it a point to eliminate as much of it around your house as possible. This includes dog water bowls, bird baths, puddles of water on tarps or garbage bags, and clogged gutters that are holding rain water in them.

How To Keep Termites Out Of Your Home

In addition to working with a pest control company specializing in termite control to help you monitor for termites and eradicate them when they’re detected, there are some things you can do to discourage them from coming on your property and into your home. You may be creating havens for termites to nest in and not even know it. Once they are established in your yard, it’s a short trip for them to attack your home.

Removing Mice From Your Garden Shed

If you have a wood shed on your property, and you have noticed signs that mice have been inside, such as the presence of droppings or gnaw marks, you will want to take the needed steps in getting them out of the enclosure for good. Leaving a mouse problem in your shed can lead to an infestation of bacteria-ridden rodents, putting people in your home at risk for disease. Here are some steps you can take to eliminate mice from your shed for good.

Declare War On Pests: 3 Organic Planting Ideas To Get Rid Of Garden-Invading Pests

When landscaping your home, you may have dreams of green plants and lush, aromatic flowers. What if these dreams become a nightmare, as ants, aphids and other garden pests take over? This can turn your dream garden into a dark, dead, smelly mess. To prevent this, organic solutions can help you to reduce problems in your garden. You may want to consider solutions such as a rock garden in a sunny area with subtle citronella grass or an English herb garden to declare war on pesky flies and mosquitoes.

Four Things You Need To Know About Tree Termites

Tree termites, also called conehead termites, are an invasive species that may cause problems for homeowners in some parts of the country. Here are four things you need to know about tree termites. What do tree termites look like? Tree termites have a very distinctive appearance, so it’s quite easy to identify them. They have cream-colored bodies and are shaped similarly to ants. If it wasn’t for their prominent heads — which are dark brown and shaped like cones — you might think that they were ants.

Three Parts Of Your Home You Didn't Know Termites Could Eat

It’s common knowledge that termites will feed on the wooden structure of a home and cause incredible damage, but they eat other things as well. This is why these pests are able to cause an estimated $5 billion worth of damage in the United States every year. Here are three parts of your home that you didn’t know termites could eat. Carpeting Termites may leave unsightly holes in your home’s carpeting.

Three Worst Bed Bug Control Mistakes To Avoid

When you’re desperate to get rid of the bed bugs that are feeding on you every night, you may make bed bug control mistakes that could make the infestation worse or lead to more serious problems. Here are three of the worst bed bug control mistakes that you shouldn’t make. Using bug bombs Home insect foggers, also called bug bombs, can be an effective way to deal with flying insects, but they’re not useful against bed bugs.

Three Tips For Inspecting Secondhand Furniture For Termites

When you’re shopping for furniture at thrift stores or antique shops, you may feel worried about inadvertently bringing bed bugs home, but you may not know that secondhand furniture can also be home to termites. If you purchase a piece of furniture that’s infested with termites, those termites may then spread to your home and cause expensive destruction. To be sure that you don’t bring termites home, inspect all furniture very closely before purchasing it.

Keep Your Restaurant Free Of Pests With An Active Commercial Pest Control Service Plan

Economists contend that insects destroy or consume approximately 10 percent of America’s gross national product (GNP) in large industrialized nations and as much as 25 percent of GNP in some developing countries. Since restaurants are in the business of preparing meals, that’s exactly where insects head to as they forage for food. Insects are a threat to the restaurant industry’s focus on keeping food safe for customers. The industry relies on commercial pest control service to effectively rid their environment of all kinds of pests.

Tips For Fighting Bed Bugs On Your Own

When you discover you have bed bugs, the first thing you have to do is decide if you’re going to call in a professional pest control company or try to kill the bugs yourself. A professional has commercial grade heating units or dry ice canisters to kill the bugs with extreme temperatures quickly and easily. However, if you can’t afford to hire a pro, here are a few things you can do on your own to battle the bugs.

Questions To Ask When Hiring A Humane Wildlife Removal Company

If you have a critter, such as a racoon, squirrel, snake or bat, that has made your home their home, you will want to evict them. However, many wildlife removal companies will use traps, baits or other removal techniques that can result in the death of the animal. If you are looking to rid the pest from your home, but not kill it, you will want to use a humane wildlife removal company.

Summer Brings Pests: Get Rid Of Mosquitoes And Ants The Natural Way

Summer is officially in full swing and while you are enjoying your iced tea and long nights, there are a few things that are bothering you: insects. Yes, insects love to come out of hiding during the summer time. They invade your home looking for a cool spot and lots of water. Don’t be dismayed, but don’t kill them either. There are several things you can use right in your kitchen that will help repel these insects, keeping them away from your home and out of your life.

3 Ways That A Wildlife Removal Service Can Humanely Remove Wild Animals

One of the biggest concerns that many people have when they see wild animals wandering in or near their property is how they can remove those animals before they can cause damage to their home, harm their pets, or attack their families. However, it is very important to make sure that you consider a residential wildlife removal service that will utilize humane methods that will protect your home and family while also avoiding the needless killing of an animal.

Use These Strategies To Prevent Damage Caused By Birds

Birds that live in the trees around your yard can provide you with a pleasant soundtrack, but it’s also possible that they pose a hassle in a variety of ways. While birds aren’t typically seen as pests in the traditional sense, the fact remains that they can damage your home and cost your time and money. If you’ve got a severe bird problem, you should think about hiring a pest control service to help you.

You'Ve Rented Your First NYC Studio Apartment, Now Take Precautions Against Bed Bugs

If you’ve signed the lease for your first NYC studio apartment, then you are probably elated. However, you should take some precautions so that your stuff doesn’t end up infested with bed bugs. Once you move into the apartment, set up your bed, and fill your dresser with clothes, it might be too late. So, it’s best to figure out ahead of time and then, if there is an issue with bed bugs, deal with it.

Spider Control Tips

Many people balk at the idea of spiders in their home, even though the arachnids can be beneficial in controlling other types of insects. Of course, if you have a lot of spiders or a venomous spider concern – such as black widows or brown recluses – then you do need to find a way to control them before they take over your home. Tip #1: Dust and clean regularly

How To Properly Identify Common Rodents For More Effective Rodent Control

People often assume that if they see something small and quick-moving or large and scurrying, they have a mouse or rat problem. The truth is, there are several different kinds of rodents, and even some mammals, that may make you jump and shriek, and not all the same methods of rodent control are going to work. Here is the short list of critters you may catch a quick glimpse of, how to identify them as best as you can, and what rodent control approaches you can use with each of these.

How To Track Down And Kill A Carpenter Ant Nest In Your Attic

Late spring is the time carpenter ants emerge from their nests and start devouring wood. If they get into your home to eat, they can destroy joist boards, rafters, and other pieces of wood throughout your house. The best way to get rid of the carpenter ants is to find their nest and destroy it. If you are a homeowner suffering through a carpenter ant invasion this spring, here is how you can locate the nest and destroy it.

Arachnophobia Research: 3 Reasons Why People Are Afraid Of Spiders

A lot of people are afraid of spiders. Studies have suggested that around 75 percent of people fear spiders and that women are more likely to fear the critters than men. Interestingly, arachnophobia isn’t anything new. People have been afraid of spiders for millennia. Unfortunately, spiders aren’t going away any time soon. What’s more, they like to live around humans and frequently take up residence in their home. While you can call an exterminator to get rid of them, that’s not going to stop you from being scared the first time you realize you have a spider.

Think You May Have Brought Home Bed Bugs From Your Travels? What To Do

If you travel a lot for a living and you have red markings that look like small bites or a rash on your body, you may have picked up bedbugs while you’re were traveling. Bedbugs are a common problem in hotels, and in areas where luggage is moved around and transferred. You can check the hotel registry to find out if a hotel where you have stayed has had bedbug problems, but it still may be too late and your home might already be infested.

How To Successfully Get Rid Of Mice

You can find mousetraps at home-improvement and variety stores, but buying a trap is not a guarantee that you will catch a mouse. You need to know how to properly place your mousetraps so that you can catch your rodent intruders. For the best results, consider the following: Territory Mice have a very small territory, which consists of the distance between their nesting place and their source of food. If you place a trap outside of this area, you will not likely catch your mouse.

3 Bed Bug Falsehoods

Bed bugs can be notorious little pests to get rid of from your home. They are difficult to spot, difficult to get rid of, and difficult to live with! However, while there are many truths about bed bugs that can be said, there are just as many myths that have cropped up, as well. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn about just a few common bed bug falsehoods that deserve debunking.

4 Things You Need To Know About Southern House Spiders

There are many types of spiders that live in and around human settlements, though some are more alarming than others. Some types of spiders are poisonous, while others are just big and scary looking. Southern house spiders, also called crevice weavers, fall into the latter category. Here’s what you need to know about them. What do they look like? Southern house spiders are very large spiders, with leg-spans of up to 2 inches across.

Which Type Of Mouse Trap Should I Buy?

Mice tend to invade homes in the winter, when temperatures outside drop to uncomfortable lows. If you’ve never had a pest control problem in the past, you may not know how to deal with this issue. Traps are a common and effective pest control method for many homeowners. There are many different types of traps available on the market. Knowing which types of traps are available to you and what the pros and cons of each type will help you choose the best pest control method for you.